Ram 1500 EcoDiesel One Tank Trips: Pacific Coast Highway

Ram, Ram Truck, Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, Road TripWhen Ram Trucks aren’t at work they’re at play. One of the best ways to play in a Ram Truck is to take it on the road. At 28 mpg highway, the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is the perfect truck for those weekend road trips or coast to coast treks. To prove our point, we’ve done a little digging to take you on some trips using just one tank of fuel in your EcoDiesel. Don’t believe us? Do the math yourself and then get on the road for your next Ram Adventure.

600 Miles of Sea and Sun

The drive from San Diego to Napa Valley is the perfect trip if you’re looking for some coastline and sunshine after a hard winter. A major portion of this trip takes you along the Pacific Coast Highway. The PCH boasts some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean and wraps along the coast for hundreds of miles. In addition to having some of the most breathtaking views in the U.S., this route also gives you the opportunity to pass through some of the most culturally rich, fun cities on the West coast. San Diego is a great city to start and has tons to do from Legoland California and the San Diego Zoo to great beaches and lighthouses. From there, your next stop is Los Angeles. Whatever you’re into, LA probably has something for you within its city life. If you keep driving north, you’ll eventually get to San Francisco which boasts some of the best food, arts, and culture in the country. Leaving San Fran by way of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can finish up your adventure crossing through California’s Redwood Forests and into Napa Valley. Napa is home to California wine country where you can visit vineyards, enjoy the countryside, or simply lay back and relax.

Here’s a route for inspiration.

Check back here over the next several weeks for some great travel ideas-all of which you can do on a single tank of fuel. Yea, we’re just as excited as you are. What trips do you have planned for your EcoDiesel? Tell us in the comments, below.

  • Wes Nugent

    I’ll make you guys a deal. Give me one of these magnificent trucks, wrap it in advertisements, and I will make sure to go on as many adventures as possible. Heck, I’ll even send pictures.

  • Nathan Scott

    Still not on dealers lots yet, see all the reviews and articles so wth is the holdup???

  • Paul

    600 is more than enough to travel from Dallas to Houston and back. If you outfit the 32 gallon tank, I’m sure you guys could make this trip across Texas. That would be a big hit with us Texans and it’d be a good campaign. In fact, hire me, loan me a Lone Star Crew Cab with some kind of promotional decals on the Ram and a 32 gallon tank, allocate some money to the traveling expenses, and I’ll drive through Texas. I can also document the trip and contribute to the RamZone.

    • John

      Can’t get a 32 gallon tank with the Eco diesel. The urea tank taks up that extra space

      • Ah, I forgot about that. I may have spent too much time in the “Build & Price” area online and mixed up the options. Regardless, the range is pretty impressive.

    • Jimbo52

      You could probably do it with the V6 and a 32 gallon tank. I’m getting 23 MPG actual on the highway. 23X30 gives you 690 miles to play with. Love my RAM!

  • Doug

    At 26 gallons in a tank and we don’t want to run it dry, we use 25 gallons of fuel. 25*28=700 miles per tank. Wow!

  • Bryan Van Laarhoven Jr.

    Im disabled and would love to go on long or short road trips and pramote this awsome truck i use to drive semi and love to travle so if you would let me drive one to show pepole how good of a truck it really is. My email is eagleman316@gmail.com