Plowing Ahead for the Support of Our Farmers

Plowing Ahead for the Support of Our Farmers

If the video below makes one thing clear, it’s that the farming life demands hard work and a resolute character. A strong family and community are important as well, and, let’s be honest, having a good truck doesn’t hurt matters either, especially if it performs to the level American farmers deserve—a Ram Truck, in other words.

Considering all they do for us, a great truck is hardly the only thing our farmers deserve. They deserve our respect and, now more than ever, they deserve our support. In this, the Year of the Farmer, Ram Trucks is doubling down on its support for our farmers, and we’re asking for your support as well.

Every time you watch or share the Year of the Farmer video, Ram Trucks will increase its year-end donation* to the FFA and in the process create a direct link between Ram fans, Ram Trucks, and the American farmers who keep the whole of our country plowing ahead.

Learn more about how you can help grow support for our farmers by visiting

*Donation based on achieving increments of one million engagements of qualifying views or shares of the Ram “Farmer” commercial or related social media badges in exchange for a $100,000 contribution level, up to an amount not exceeding $1,000,000.00. Program begins 2/3/2013 and runs through 12/31/2013, or ending upon achievement of maximum contribution level.

The FFA letters are registered trademarks of the National FFA Organization and used under license.

  • As a 5th generation family farmer from North Dakota and mother of a 9th grade son who is building lifelong leadership skills through FFA, thank you. I wrote a blog post about my reaction to the commercial. I am so encouraged that a big brand is investing in agriculture by showcasing this commercial during the Super Bowl. You earned many new customers and built great loyalty tonight and into the future.
    Thank you Dodge!
    Katie Pinke

  • Gretta VM

    Loved your commerical during the Super Bowl! Thank you for remembering who and Whom this country was built on.

  • Sharon Smith

    I was raised on a farm in Texas by a Dad who honored God and the value of His Word. His father and many, many generations before him were also farmers . Thank you for an ad which was filled with integrity…..and thank you for being bold enough to mention God’s name at a prime time moment on National T.V. I applaud you and your company!

  • John Rodenburg

    Fantastic commercial with Paul Harvey and farmers! The best of the Super Bowl and one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It gave me chills and brought tears to my wife’s eyes.

  • Gross Holsteins

    I’m a 24 year old dairy farmer from Pennsylvania and I want to thank you for the commercial. It’s really tough and I appreciate the support.

  • T Lyons

    Unforgettable. Thank you.

  • Jane G.

    Congratulations on highlighting the people who produce food and fiber for the world. The words of Paul Harvey about “Farmers” has made all of us in all aspects of agriculture proud! Support of youth programs like FFA is amazing and such on inspiration for the future generation. Thank-you for making such strong statement during the Super Bowl. Continued success!

  • High Plains Farmer

    Bravo to Dodge for the Paul Harvey Super Bowl farmer commercial! This was truly show-stopping! Your customer base just escalated and rightfully so, as you promoted a very commendable FFA organization and a faith driven, passionate profession! Accolades to you from Colorado!

  • Norma

    You Superbowl ad was a breath of fresh air. thank you for having the courage to mention the word God!!! and you are right. Our nation would be in a free fall if it wasn’t for the hard working farmer. I am a city girl, but I have stayed on a farm and know the hard work and dedication it takes to do the job.

    Your ad was beautiful and greatly appreciated.

  • Farmgirl16f3

    Congratulations to you and your advertising team! You have created the absolute best Super Bowl commercial of all time. But, since the US is not primarily an agrarian society any longer, I will not be surprised if you do not recieve the recognition you deserve. But, in the Heartland, we understand and appreciate how you could say so very much without creating any new script. Paul Harvey said it all the day he first read that piece on the air. You were wise to only add some beautiful farm photos. Thanks for all the memories this has brought back to me and all the others who are retired. And thanks for all the support for our current farmers including FFA. Ram Rocks!

  • Grace

    I wish to thank you for your ad. with Paul Harvey it is the best. It has lots of memories. God did make a Farmer. It was long over do for the farmer.

  • Sharon Terrill

    Thank you for the fantastic ad. And thank you for including all kinds of farmers–livestock, row crop, truck farmers; white farmers, black farmers, red farmers, brown farmers; and especially men, women, boys and girls!

  • Keith

    AWSOME!!! I’m a Ford man but this commercial just stole my heart. Great job and good luck Ram. Maybe it will be my next truck.

  • Don

    Thanks so much for having the boldness to put a commercial out there on the biggest advertising day of the year and use the name of God in a way that honors Him instead of profaning it. Thanks for honoring the farmers of this land. My grandfather was a farmer and I still have friends who are hard working farmers feeding the people of this land and the world. Thanks for standing out in a sea of vulgar and lewd commericals with one of integrity for books. It was moving to me, my family and friends. Keep it up.

    • Sharon Terrill

      AMEN. 🙂


    It truly made me cry to watch this commercial. Thank you!! My name is S. Wiggen, I’m 11 years old. My dad inherited the farm from his folks near the canadian border in Montana. We live in Helena MT. My dad drives to our farm everytime something needs to be done, such as seeding, plowing, ferfilizing, harvesting etc. He also tries to be home for school activities and 4H and girls scout activities. That’s about 150 miles one way with the pick-up, besides hauling our 4-H sheep, goat, rabbit etc. to the Lewis&Clark Fair, hauling wood in winter, going hunting to fill the freezer. Our “new” pick-up already has over 100 000 miles on it. Last year my dad had a bladder operation so my mom, 14 year old sister and I had to help with the harvest. I’m learning to drive the farm equipment.

    When I grow up I want to become a vetinarian and marry a farmer.

  • Colorado Family

    Thankyou from a Colorado farm family who honors God, the value of hard work and morals. We were so moved by this commercial and the strength that you showed to stand above the rest with Integrity. What a great commitment of love and respect you have shared. Thankyou also for your support of FFA, we have 3 son’s who have all been members of this wonderful organization, as well as their father. You have made us proud, and their is not much on TV that we can say that about anymore. Congradulations Chrysler Group

  • California Giant Berry Farms

    California Giant Berry Farms was very impressed by your commercial. It means a lot to see national attention called to the farming and agriculture industries. Thank you for such a wonderful campaign and investing in our future! We blogged about it here:

  • Thank you to everyone who commented on this post. Your responses are much appreciated.

    All best,

    The RamZone Team