The Next Crop Project

In 2013, we celebrated the Year of the Farmer. We know the sweat and passion that farmers put into their careers. We know that family and community are at the heart of every farmer’s workday. We know that farmers work hard to provide for those they love and for those they’ve never even met.

It’s for these same reasons The Next Crop Project is here to support the next generation of farmers. This is an industry we can’t let go of — one that deserves all the appreciation we can muster, and more. The Next Crop Project is an investment in the future leaders of this industry, and together with the National FFA Organization, we can help future farmers thrive in their field.

On April 26th, The Next Crop Project invites you to join the cause in a simple way. All you need to do to help out is visit your local Ram dealer and test drive a Ram Truck. When you do, $20 will be donated to support a local FFA chapter.

As a bonus, here’s a look back at the extended version of “God Made a Farmer,” which recently won Nielsen’s Top Auto Ad Award!

What do you say? Will you help us support The Next Crop?