More than $180,000 Raised during Ram Jam Celebrity Truck Auction

More than $150,000 Raised during Ram Jam Celebrity Truck Auction

There are few things in this world we like more than seeing good, hardworking people enjoy Ram trucks. One of those things is having the chance to help charity organizations advance toward their objectives. Especially fulfilling is when the charities we help are as admirable as the five chosen to benefit from proceeds raised during the Ram Jam Celebrity Truck Auction.

March 28, 2013, marked the end of that auction as well as the finish to this cycle of Ram Jam events. What began last March with a Kellie Pickler hatch poster Twitter giveaway culminated last Thursday with the sale of Easton Corbin’s 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn 4×4. This truck, like the other four trucks auctioned off in recent weeks, brought in well over $30,000 all by itself.

The Ram brand would like to thank everyone who bid on or bought one of these special trucks or participated on the Road to Ram Jam in any other way—with your help, Ram Trucks raised over $180,000 total for five excellent organizations, including:

We encourage you to visit the above websites to learn more about how you can help these charities achieve their stated missions. Thanks again!