Leather for Luxury

Laramie Longhorn interior

Are you considering leather for your next Ram Truck? Just check out the premium leather seating in the Laramie Longhorn above, and your mind will be made up. It’s absolutely stunning.

You know, leather does have some practical advantages along with its gorgeous appearance. When properly cared for, leather can last longer than many fabrics, with greater resistance to abrasion, fatigue tearing, and ultraviolet light damage. Where cloth will gradually wear and fade with even the most careful use, leather can hold its original appearance longer.

In fact, depending on one’s personal taste, leather can look better over time, developing a fine patina—like a favorite pair of boots or your best baseball glove. All it takes is a little ordinary maintenance, as with most any leather product.

As your owner’s manual states, minor spills and dirt particles can be mopped up with a clean, damp cloth. More serious mishaps can be handled with a soft cloth (microfiber is ideal) and a quality leather-compatible upholstery cleaner, such as Mopar® Total Clean. Dirt is usually abrasive, and it’s best to remove it before it causes microscopic scratches that can make the surface look dull or worn.

To restore and preserve older leather, there are cleaner-conditioners specifically formulated for the purpose that do an excellent job—and almost work magic in tougher cases. However, it’s critical to always read and follow the directions exactly. And never use harsh solvents or ammonia products.

There’s one more interior care tip we can share with you from sad experience. Before you jump into the seat of your Ram Truck, you might want to check your back pockets for hand tools or other sharp objects. It could save you a small heartache and a trip to the upholstery shop.