Guest Blog: Judson Richard’s Week in the Mountains with the Ram Rebel

Jud BarnMy name is Judson Richards. I’m fortunate enough to live in America’s finest city, San Diego, CA. I spend most of my time behind a microphone doing sports talk radio for the Chargers flagship station, XTRA 1360 Fox Sports San Diego.

Where do I begin with my experience with the 2015 Ram Rebel? First, the backstory: each Summer I find a week to unplug. No cell phone, no computers, very little news and very little TV. It’s a real effort to recharge the battery.

When I was a kid, my late father fell in love with a little mountain town, Crested Butte, CO. We owned horses, road mountain bikes, fly fished and skied. I wish every child could experience the outdoors the way
I did, and I mJud Cab 2ake a conscious effort to tap back into those experiences as an adult.

The trip from San Diego, CA, to Crested Butte, CO, is a long 17-hour drive, but the road trip in the Rebel was unlike anything else.

Let’s begin with the ride itself. As I traveled on the I-15 through Utah, the speed limit was 80 mph. I was blown away by how smooth and how quiet the ride was. We’re talking about an available HEMI® V8, 33-inch tires and a lifted suspension, while I’m on cruise control at 80 mph without a bump, shake or rattle. I’ve never been in a truck so equipped to be off-road that handles itself this well at high speeds. From gas mileage to comfort, the Ram Rebel had me impressed immediately with how it handled on the open road.

When you spend 17 hours in the cab of a truck you get to know the console and dashboard incredibly well. Ram Trucks have outdone themselves with the design. WitJud Ram Boxh its top-of-the-line available navigation system, user-friendly climate control and audio control buttons on the back of the steering wheel, no stone was left unturned. The color scheme and design of the Ram Rebel cab is the best I’ve ever seen in a truck.

A favorite feature for me was the available RamBox® Cargo Management System. When you get out of the river, you’ve got soaking wet waders. When you get out of the ocean, you’ve got wet towels, wetsuits — things you don’t want in the cab of your truck.  The RamBox® simply gives you more options of where you may store things.

Finally, the look: Ram trucks have always had a sleek, yet rugged design. The hood design of the Ram Rebel only amplifies it. The Ram brand has created a powerful truck that can thrive in all situations. I couldn’t think of a better truck to be on the road in. It truly embodies why I will never own anything but a truck.

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  • Dan Haderlie

    Noticed his Red Ram 1500 has a Ram Box system. Tried to order a Big Horn in “Blue Streak”. Ram came back and said they can’t be bothered to put a Ram Box in anything but black or white trucks. “Bad Form” Ram!