Driver’s Seat Stories | Interview with Robert H., Month 1 Winner

Driver’s Seat Stories | Interview with Robert H., Month 1 Winner

Robert H.’s 2012 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4

Every great truck has a great story, and every great story deserves to be shared.

That’s the idea behind Driver’s Seat Stories, a Ram Trucks social promotion designed to reward the best Ram stories with great Ram prizes. Ram fans interested in learning more will find all there is to know about the promotion—including how to win gift cards good toward Ram gear—by visiting the Driver’s Seat Story tab on the official Ram Facebook page. In the meantime, please enjoy this interview with Robert H., our first official winner and the “Owner of the Month.”

RamZone: What is the year and model of your current Ram truck?

Robert: I traded in my 2010 Big Horn Quad Cab and upgraded to a loaded 2012 Laramie Crew Cab 4 by 4, mainly for the added bells and whistles and the roomier cabin.

RamZone: What makes this Ram truck the truck of your dreams? That is, what features do you appreciate most?

Robert: Everything from the appearance to the comfort and style inside. The stereo/navigation system is incredible. The steering wheel and seat heaters have me spoiled. I have also added several Mopar/Ram accessories to set off the appearance, such as roof clearance lights, bed rails, tubular side steps, mud flaps, chrome gas fill door, a bed rug and tonneau cover (nice for taking the family to see a drive-in movie!), and more. The crew cab fits all of my passengers very comfortably with plenty of leg room, without compromising my seat position.

RamZone: How did you know this was the truck for you? Did you research the truck before you bought it, or was it love at first sight?

Robert: I often walked the dealer lots, always looking for that perfect truck. Being a 37-year auto mechanic and owning three other Ram Trucks and other brands previously, I knew I would stay with Ram. Then, after I studied the window sticker on this one, it did become love at first sight!

RamZone: You said in your Driver’s Seat Story that your Ram truck pulls your camper like a dream. When it comes to towing, what advantage does your Ram truck give you?

Robert: The smooth power and the trailer-tow transmission shifting mode is awesome. The built-in trailer brake controller is a clean look, and you can see the settings in the dash display along with loads of other good gauge information. It’s a very worthy upgrade. Also, the trailering package with the plug-in connector locations is perfect. The suspension still gives the same plush ride and handling even without any weight distribution system.

RamZone: Where do you typically go with your truck and your camper?

Robert: I like to plan for family vacations to amusement parks and long weekend getaways to the mountain regions for outdoor activities. We also hope to get a trip in to the coast in the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

RamZone: Let’s say your friend, relative, or neighbor is in the market for a new truck. How would you convince that person that purchasing a Ram truck is the best possible decision?

Robert: I brag about my truck constantly, all the qualities and features. I give people in-cab demonstrations of the functions and have even tossed the key to a few to let them see for themselves. When someone I know is talking about truck shopping, I will swing into a dealer and send them pix of some trucks that I know they would love! I also remind them of the known faults that I always see in the competition.

RamZone: Is there anything else you’d like to say to current and potential Ram fans?

Robert: Hey, life is short and you deserve to treat yourself to something sweet and exciting. Ram makes me proud to say that I buy AMERICAN!