Celebrating Halloween with Ram Trucks

2014 Ram 1500If you’re going to wear a costume for Halloween, it’s best to go all out and match your wardrobe with your truck. Depending on your trade and the Ram Truck you drive, there are plenty of options for showing up to the party in style. We have a few ideas for people who may be having a hard time coming up with a costume, and tips for making Halloween memorable for the little trick-or-treaters in your life. From hayrides to the big candy haul, Ram Trucks has you covered.

Truck Driver Costume Ideas

Ram Outdoorsman Hunter: Go “over the top” with your Mossy Oak® camouflage. Paint your face to look like a true man of the woods. For a little added flair, take your truck through the mud before the party to really capture the spirit of the great outdoors.

Ram 1500 Construction Worker: Here’s a costume that’s easy to pull off, since it doesn’t require much preparation—just your standard work outfit, with one minor change. Put on your hard hat, strap on your tool belt and get your toolbox ready. But here’s the difference: Fill your tool belt and toolbox with candy. You’ll instantly be the life of the party.

Ram 1500 Traxxas Driver or Mechanic: For the off-road enthusiast, this is another easy costume. Pull on a jumpsuit and a racing helmet and spend the evening challenging fellow party guests to apple-bobbing competitions. You’re here for speed. You’re here to win.

Ram 2500 Heavy-Duty Big-Rig Driver: If you drive a heavy-duty Ram Truck, dress your vehicle up with a booming big-rig horn, dig out your favorite old flannel shirt, and find yourself a vintage trucker hat. Consider letting the stubble grow beforehand for that touch of added authenticity.

Ram ProMaster 1500 Flower Delivery Driver: At first blush, you might not consider flowers a manly costume accessory. Just remember that some very special people in your life would rather trick-or-treat for roses than for candy bars. And with the well-equipped Ram ProMaster to aid in your delivery, your Halloween costume this year will be as authentic as they come.

Hayride Hero

If you’re not one for playing dress-up, you can still make sure the kids have a great time at their Halloween party. With a best-in-class maximum towing weight of 10,450 pounds, the 2013 Ram 1500 has the power to pull a trailer full of young trick-or-treaters through the haunted field. And the kids can expect a smooth ride in the back—the Torqueflite™ 8 Eight-Speed Transmission provides superior acceleration in low gears, and sophisticated technology like standard Trailer Sway Control, standard Electronic Stability Control, and standard Hill Start Assist will help you maneuver over the spookiest of trails. You never know what might jump out from behind a tree.

Big-Time Candy

Let’s face it: You came for the candy, and the candy you shall have—all of it. If you’re taking the kids out for a night of trick-or-treating, clear out the truck bed and take advantage of the 2013 Ram 1500’s maximum payload of 1,930 pounds. That’s a lot of candy bars and lollipops, but it’s not an unachievable goal. Because with best-in-class 25 MPG HWY and Uconnect® Access System with available 3-D terrain maps, you’ll be equipped to navigate the neighborhood efficiently with minimum stops. Just encourage the kids to move as quickly as possible when running door-to-door. Time is candy, after all.

Ram Trucks wishes you a happy and safe Halloween. Be sure to share the best photos of your dressed-up trucks at Facebook.com/RamTrucks.