Cast Your Vote for Ryan!

The water’s heating up for Ram’s Ryan Said in the 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series and he could use our help. Now you have a chance to select your favorite angler and cast your vote for them to be a part of the exclusive Bassmaster All-Star Week. The angler with the most votes will be chosen and what’s even cooler, you could win a chance to be paired up with Ryan and receive a “Prize Pack” consisting of some great fishing equipment. Even better, you could be eligible to win a Triton 18XS boat powered by a Mercury 150 Optimax engine. Here’s what you do, head over to Bassmaster for more information on the contest. Better hurry though, voting will end July 10!

  • Is this where the best fishing story goes?
    -Well, my dad and I don’t really… spend time together. He wasn’t really my favorite person in the world…. Well, I dont know what type of boat we had… but we went out on the water the one time, and we were having fun, laughing, giggling, and fishing… Well, When it was time to had to shore… we couldn’t move… We ran out of damn gas… This might not be the best fishing story, because I didn’t catch a big fish, or anything, but to me it’s the best, ’cause I got to spend time with my dad, and we grown close to each other…. for once
    -Thanks for your time…

  • Woops. sorry, Wrong place 🙂

  • Kevin Pollack

    Not sure if its the best story but it is to me, I never got to see me dad as a kid so I spent my summers with my Grandpa and we would go fishing at least once a week. I wish I could go back to them days!

  • Jim Schultz

    Now, we all know fishing stories tend to be a bit, shall we say exaggerated. But to the best of my recollection this really happened……
    In about 1975 I was ice fishing out on Lake Erie with my dad and sister. We had an awesome day of perch fishing and sipping brandy in our shanty. We were hauling our catch back to shore when my sister declared she needed to relieve herself. In those days fisherman would throw a sheet of plywood down over larger holes when they were done fishing them. Sometimes that plywood get blown around and you would never know if it was a hole or not. In our brandy altered state of mind dad and I decided to hold up a sheet laying on the ice so sister could get behind it to do her business. She stepped behind it and SPLASH, we heard her go in. Fortunately she popped straight back up but for whatever reason we couldn’t reach her. I can’t remember why. So dad tossed me the keys to his RAM truck and I sprinted to shore and brought it out. Dad pulled a line out of the back, tied it to his front bumper, and threw the other end to my sis. She latched on and dad was able to back her out of the hole. So, my sister owes her life to a RAM truck. And I drive one today!

  • Jackie Wolf

    About 3 years ago my grandpa and I went fishing and listened to bluegrass music, Grandpa called it grandpa music. We got to the spot were we were going to fish and we got unloaded, took our buckets put them upside down then we casted our line out onto the water and just enjoyed the beautiful sunset, and how it looked so amazing on the water. Then I started catching bluegill like crazy one after the other. I ate the bluegill and kept one as a pet. On the way home we listened to grandpa music again, talked about how much fun we had and how we enjoyed the scenery. Later that week my bluegill was not eating, I got worried So I took it to a pond and let it go, it was sad for me because it was the first time I had caught multiple fish. I let it go and to this very day I always say bye to my fish, when i go pass the pond were i let it go. I will always treasure that memory that I had with my fish and with my 89 year old grandpa. Who is still alive and shares that memory with me.

  • Darren Millam

    The best fishing story of my life has not yet been written. Last year, I won a trip to Selwyn Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan, and I’m taking three friends from college with me. Just paying them back for the epic roadtrips we’ve done in years past.

  • Kris ringland

    Me and my dad went fishing in lac dubonit Manitoba we where fishing for about three hours in the morning and not getting anything now wehave owned a boat for three yeatsnow and it’s was the same thing every year not catching anything but we found this nice little spot in lac dubonit mb and we started catching some fish soon it was one picral after another then my dad caught a Hugh jack fish so we braught in the boat got it off the hook and on the stringer and I was untagaling his line and he was putting the jack fish on the stringer and putting it back in the water when he notices my rod almost in the water he let go of the jack fish ti get my rid and then released the stringer wasn’t tied to the boat but my rod had a jack fish on it too not as big as my dads thought so if anyone finds that fish we would like our stringer back we came home that day with our limit