Cameron Hanes & His Custom Ram 2500

12764888_1177325422307484_4044235879954717544_oHey guys, so as you know, last year Ram Trucks hooked me up with my Ram 2500 Laramie Limited black-on-black beast, and thought I would give you all an update on how the truck has been fitting into my lifestyle…it fits perfectly.

Before I started driving my custom Ram Unknown-12500 Limited, I didn’t even know trucks were made this nice. It’s definitely one of those rigs that guys like me dream about. I figured it was time to share a few of my favorite features.

I love how the available RamBox ® acts as a special bow compartment where I know my Hoyt is locked away and safe.

Unknown-3The leather pockets on the interior make an awesome custom arrow holder behind the driver’s seat.

My favorite music is easily hooked up from my phone to my truck where it jams on the Alpine ® sound system, offering perfect soundtracks while heading to run the mountain, shoot on the range or hit the hills on a hunt.

I could go on all day, but I think you get the picture. I couldn’t be happier with my Ram Truck.

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