A Call for Stories about Old Reliable Rams

Ram Truck - Fall

Let’s be honest. There are few things in life more exciting than purchasing a brand new Ram Truck, especially when it’s one you build yourself using the shopping tools on RamTrucks.com. True as that may be, there’s a great deal to be said about the reliable old trucks that still get the job done, day in and day out. The familiarity, the dependability—a good truck is like an old friend who won’t let you down.

If you are the owner of a Ram Truck with 100,000 miles or more, we want to hear all about it. We know that as the miles pile up, so do the memories, and if there’s one specific story that best exemplifies the heart of your old Ram, by all means, feel free to share. After all, with readers who can appreciate a good story—and a good truck!—what better place is there to salute that old Ram than right here on RamZone?

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