2014 Ram ProMaster | Revealed Live in Chicago and on RamZone

2014 Ram ProMaster | Revealed Live in Chicago and on RamZoneThe two vehicles in back are about to lose their cover.

Big news today from the Windy City! Ram Trucks officially enters the North American market for full-size commercial vans with the 2014 Ram ProMaster, a workhorse vehicle that blends tried-and-true Ram capability with the large-van size.

Please stay tuned to this RamZone post to watch live as the new Ram ProMaster is unveiled. The event, coming to you in real time from the Chicago Auto Show, will begin at 2:30 p.m. ET.

RamZone Reminder: Shortly after the event ends, RamZone will provide ProMaster images and vehicle specs in a separate post. When it’s ready, the link for that post will appear here: http://ramtrucksblogs.azurewebsites.net/features/the-2014-ram-promaster-a-full-size-work-van-to-meet-commercial-needs/

  • thats great

  • Brian

    Love my ram truck. Just wish they would fix my paint!!!!

    • ice1584

      Skip the dealership and call the 1800 support number. I had to do the same thing with an issue with my dash lights.

    • Hi Brian,

      The 1-800 number ice1584 is referring is this one: 1-866-726-4636.

      Thank you,


  • Kyle

    Replacement for the Sprinter, but it’s just a Fiat with Dodge Badges, alot of the coming down the tubes for the next few years.

  • OK…I want one! Trade in my sprinter for the diesel option…..excited to see this in person.

  • my hemi keeps shearing exhaust manifold bolts 🙁 other than that, best truck I’ve owned

    • Hi Steven,

      Please call Ram customer assistance if you would like to discuss this matter further. The number is 1-866-726-4636.

      Thank you,


  • love my 3/4 ton wouldnt trae for any thing ram for live

  • I love my power wagon

  • where is the link????

  • JoshuaP

    Love my Ram. Best vehicle I’ve every owned so far.