2013 Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas Pickup Truck | A Fleet 240 Trucks Strong

2013 Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas Pickup Truck | A Fleet 240 Trucks StrongCongratulations to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), proud new owner of 242 Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pickup trucks. RamZone is pleased to report that delivery of the fleet has begun, with Peter Grady, Vice President of Network Development and Fleet, Chrysler Group LLC, personally presenting Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin with the keys to one of the new CNG vehicles. This is the single largest customer order since production of Ram CNG trucks began last October.

The Ram 2500 CNG is the only OEM-built* compressed natural gas-powered pickup truck in North America. It is a bi-fuel vehicle that uses compressed natural gas as its primary fuel source, but automatically switches to gasoline when CNG tanks are empty. In use, the Ram 2500 CNG transitions from one fuel to the other with little discernible difference in operation or capability. ODOT will use the Ram CNG pickups primarily as service trucks on the state’s roads and highways, taking full advantage of the significantly lower fuel costs associated with compressed natural gas.

Learn more about the Ram 2500 CNG Pickup Truck by watching this walk-around video filmed at the 2012 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

*Original Equipment Manufacturer