2013 Ram 1500 – Air Suspension System Demo

For the new 2013 Ram 1500, we added a slew of new features and refinements to an already solid truck base. While great for our drivers, this can sometimes create a (welcome) problem for us: what individual feature and refinement do we talk about first, and most? Inevitably, some well-deserving innovation does not get the immediate and laser-focused attention it deserves.

In past posts, we attributed the EPA-estimated 25 mpg to the refined technology available with the new 2013 Ram 1500, pointing out how things like sleeker aerodynamics play an important role in the truck’s overall efficiency. Today, we delve deeper into that idea with a video demonstration of the all-new Air Suspension System, which, it should be noted, provides several noteworthy benefits beyond contributing to the new 2013 Ram 1500’s impressive fuel efficiency.

You can learn more about the new 2013 Ram 1500 by visiting RamTrucks.com.

  • Bryce

    Finally, a Dodge truck with factory air suspension. I hope this suspension makes it to the 2500 and 3500.

  • Griz

    Its been tried before and failed

  • Tommy

    Hey Griz , spoken like a true loser . Sure glad not many people share your gloomy outlook on things , what a sad world you live in.

    • Sour Dodge Owner

      You might feel different if you had just spend $65,000. plus and you truck system fails and is now safe to drive because nobody at Dodge will own up to the failure and the dealerships don’t want to waste their time investigating a drowning horse. It’s not like this is my first truck this is #5 but this one for sure a LEMON….and I don’t like lemonade!!!!!!!

      • I just invested 60K + in my new 2014 RAM Limited Truck, having issues with the air suspension. The truck tires rub the front fenders just by turning or backing out of my driveway. I can’t even drive over grass with my 4×4 truck without the tires rubbing the fenders! It’s embarrassing. By they way this is my 4th Dodge RAM Truck and I absolutely HATE the Air suspension. Had it at the dealership twice for this problem, Still not fixed. They told me two weeks ago they would call me in a few days after speaking with the engineers and now the service manager won’t return my calls.

    • BrunoT

      Care to rethink your comment given the deluge of negative feedback on the air suspension?

  • dobs

    Way to go Griz !

  • frank robles

    can u buy the air ride system after u bought the truck

  • Ed

    Hey Griz, I’m with you on this one. I have this suspension on my truck and here in the northern Canada where live, it doesn’t work worth a darn in the cold winter temperatures. I wished I had known about the previous failure of this type of suspension, I definitely would NOT have had this option.

    • TOM

      apparently the people who call us sour grapes , haven’t experienced this suspension failure!!! my 2013 which I bought with 15,000 miles on it and am now experiencing the winter … its a horrible system .. the truck is stuck in the low exiting position my tires rub and dangerous to drive !!! SUCKS !!!

      • Marc

        I haven’t had a single issue with my Air Suspension system and I’m in Canada too… My 2014 has over 20k on it and has only been in for 1 repair, a door lock sticking. and the tires only rub slightly at a sharp angle in entry/exit mode but i have 2″ wheel spacers… i’ve forgotten what it was like without em

        • TOM

          I’m glad you are not exprencing any problems .. But it’s 12 degrees here in Buffalo and guess what’s happening ….again ,they replaced the fuse the first time and said I shouldn’t have a problem but …the service light has gone on and off intermitenly since the tempeture drop ..when it’s on I loose all suspension functions …

        • TOM

          Again and again … Dealer doesn’t know what to do ..ugh

        • Jim

          Live in Fairbanks Alaska and mine just did the same thing at -25, except the front end did not drop. All i get is the error message. Hopefully leaving it in the garage will clear the code. Thank god this is my last winter in Alaska and I will finally be back down in the lower 48. Has anyone received further clarification from the dealer as to why this happens since it is suppose to be a nitrogen system?

        • Valarie

          I also live in Fairbanks and I’ve had my Ram 2014 for almost 2 years. Have had zero problems with the air suspension.

        • Tom

          Fuse blew again. Fourth time mmmmm 50 thousand dollar truck with a sucky air suspension so tired of this !!!

    • Ray

      I just bought a 2013 Laramie with this air suspension. Once temperature got below -20C I had Nothing but (immediate repair air suspension) messages on my dash. Has there been a solution for this yet?? TIA

  • Sour Dodge Owner

    People-this system fails terribly once the temperatures drop below 0. Both United States and Canada have been reporting these failure and Dodge currently has no fix and no idea why it fails. The front end continually drops with numerous error messages. Once this happens you also receive error that ABS and Trailer Brake systems require immediate repair. In addition the system overheats – this presents a fire hazard in your nice new and expensive dodge. Way to go!!

    • Lemon Man

      Ram Owners need to get together. In the United States there is a lemon law, what is the matter with Canada. DODGE air system is a failure-if yours has not failed , have faith it will and when you least expect it.
      Trailer brakes/ABD brakes/abnormal wear on steering components and braking/abnormal tire wear all due to system failure and nobody cares. Least of all the Dodge Dealerships or Chrysler Canada. Way to go auto industry in Canada and Alberta.

  • Shasha

    Aerodynamics can be beneficial in safety as well. It is mainly uses for fuel saving. Some also improve the handling and stability of the truck. Truck assist in Ontario they get me these advice and as your article says the overall efficiency also increases http://www.truckersassist.com/.

  • Lemon Man

    Great White North-Alberta. For any of you folks out there thinking of this overflated advertising showing this awesome air ride system. FORGET IT!!!! MY Dodge Ram – Longhorn 2013 has been in and out of dealerships since October 8th 2013. Dealerships-don’t give a dam-they got your money and ran to the bank. Chrysler denies the issue. There are no fixes-parts are not available as they have not come off assembly line. Production has been halted on this until they get it figured out how to fix what’s out in circulaton now. Warranty claims are not given a top priority in any dealership. If you know a mechanic ask him why…you might be very surprised about the answer. If you want to get help contact CBC go public and if enough Dodge Ram owners get on the band wagon and blow this wide open something might get resolved. They don’t do buy backs without huge legal fights-dealerships are not willing to help out either – Do you think they want that lemon on their lot. But if you like lemonade and are willing to fork out the money they want 65,000 and up good luck.
    Hear is another fine feather in the Dodge hat. So much for truck of the year.

  • Woody

    I just had the air ride suspension fail today on my 2013 Longhorn Larmine with 9800 kms on it was on my way to Ottawa with my family and had to turn around and come home as I contacted my dodge service and they had no idea what was the problem with my truck!? I have always been a Chevy man and I tried something different this time now I’m regretting it very much!! Alot of $$$$ spent for this truck!

  • mik

    Is it possible to install the factory air suspension on my 2013 dodge ram 1500 ?

  • I have the RAM LIMITED 4×4 2014, Air suspension is an absolute joke! I cannot pull out of my driveway without my tires rubbing the inside of the fender. I cannot drive over Flat grass without my tires rubbing! It’s embarrassing that my new 60k 4×4 truck’s tires make this loud rubbing sound when I can back my Z06 out of my driveway and not scrape anything! I have had the truck in the Dealer repair shop two times for the same problem, I have called for #3 and they don’t seem to want to take my truck! They were supposed to call me two weeks ago after discussing the issue with the Factory engineers but have never called me back and have not returned my calls. My recommendation is to stay as far away from the Dodge RAM air suspension as possible! I wish I never bought this truck!

  • Jack

    bought a 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie 4wd Jan 2014. In March, with less that 5000 miles on it, it blew the fitting off of the left rear air bag. I was on my way to work that morning and the Temp was 10 degrees. Dealer replaced it under warranty that time. Then on the first of this month, it blew the air line, on the same bag. Once again the dealer replaced the line under warranty. Got the truck back and ran it 3 days, and same thing, blew the air line, same bag. This time the dealer would not warranty the problem. said that the after market hitch system was causing the problem. I replaced the line and this time it blew up the air bag. This causes me to suspect that the system is not shutting off the flow of air, when the proper height is achieved. Before I purchased the truck, I ask plenty of questions about this suspension system and its compatibility with a hitch, Also inquired about its capabilities of towing the load that I had. I received nothing but assurances from both the dealer and the after marked hitch retailer, that it would work. Shame on me for being so trusting. The previous 5, half ton Chevy trucks, that I owned, had no problem with the trailer that I tow. Nor did I have any of them in for any warranty work. Very disappointed! Last Dodge that I will own!!!

  • Tom

    If have 2013 with 43000 miles and never had a problem with my truck, period, until I got a base plate to pull it behind my RV. I pulled the truck 5 miles and it has not been the same… It’s been 5 days and now the front bags are in lowest position and the rear are on off-road 2 on its own. This is terrible for such an expensive truck. I’m wondering if they fix the problem if I’ll have to avoid ever pulling it. The base plate and wiring alone was over $1500 bucks. Now after reading this blog I’m worried I’ll be plagued with issues even without towing it.

    And the extended warranty I purchased through the dealer was supposed to come with a loaner car… I think that was a joke.

  • JBC

    Bought new 2013 Laramie 1500 and it’s back to the dealership for the second time, almost 1 year to the day.I t’s obvious to me (but not Chrysler Canada) that the air suspension is unreliable in very cold conditions. You don’t have to be an engineer to know that compressing air creates water and at -25 water freezes quickly. I wish there was a by-pass so I could deactivate the system.

  • Steve

    You all may be correct that it is a cold weather issue I am on my 4th Ram and I love the ride in my 2013 Laramie Limited 4×4 in Sothern California no issues with my air system. I will say I am disappointed that you can not get a lift kit for the air suspension or a leveling kit. So if you want bigger tires like 35″ for your 4×4 you have to do a 3in Body lift .

  • Austin stewart

    It don’t work……… at all…. it sucks… do not buy one with it on there….. you will regret it …

  • Tom

    Is there a way to get your air suspension to stay in off road mode 2