11 Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon Should Buy a Ram Truck

We’re pretty confident that our trucks speak for themselves, but we wanted to add a little extra incentive for Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to pick the only option that has GUTS and GLORY. Here are 11 reasons why we think he should choose a Ram Truck.

  1. When you’re not driving it you can rent it out as a studio apartment to make extra cash.
  2. Sometimes it takes more than just being “Big Enough.”
  3. It has room for the family and for your Roots.
  4. HEMI Fallon sounds like the greatest action hero that ever lived.
  5. If you want we’ll put a tape deck in it. Seriously, we can do that.
  6. HEMI means “obvious choice” in your native language. Also, we have no idea what nationality you are.
  7. The bed is the perfect place to park Tarik’s car.
  8. We’ll let you use #GUTSGLORYFallon as your hashtag of the week for free.
  9. Driving rare cars is SO 1992 to 2013. Ram Trucks are the future of the Tonight Show.
  10. We’ll set your Uconnect system to play Sam Elliot’s voice every time you start your truck.
  11. We are the first ever back-to-back Motor Trend champion, the Truck of Texas, we have best-in-class 28 MPG fuel economy, best-in-class 30,000 lbs towing, and the only Light Duty Diesel. Those are reason enough.

Be sure to tweet these reasons to @JimmyFallon and @FallonTonight to show Jimmy that we know what he’s looking for in a truck.

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  • Denver Mike

    The 30,000 pounds is a farce, because the maximum GCWR is 37,600, which means the truck itself cannot exceed 7,600 pounds, however the truck actually weighs 8500+ (I’ve seen it on the scale myself), and this is in the regular cab configuration.
    Ram director Bob Hegbloom, Ram’s Chief engineer Mike Raymond, Ram CEO Reid Bigland, and head of truck engineering for Ram Mike Cairns, were hoping nobody did the math. Ram completely lied about their towing capacity just to brag about it’s capabilities.
    Sorry Jimmy, I think you need to get a different truck.

    • J Outlaw

      As quoted below, GCWR is not just a basic addition of vehicle curb weight, trailer weight, people, cargo, etc. Do you really think Ford and Chevy would be checking the numbers? If Ram was off by nearly 1000lbs I’m pretty sure they’d be calling them out on it.

      “It’s important to remember that the GCWR is not an actual measurement of the weight of a tow vehicle and a trailer, but rather the combined maximum weight limit that the manufacturer has set for the two vehicles once attached.” from: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/auto-parts/towing/towing-capacity/vehicle/gcwr.htm