10 Tips for More Efficient Driving from RamTrucks.com

10 Tips for More Efficient Driving from RamTrucks.com

Here at RamZone, one of the things we appreciate most about our partner site, RamTrucks.com, is how useful it is, even when you’re not necessarily in the market for a new truck, and especially when you are. A home for offers and incentives, a library of vehicle features, a central hub connecting the many channels of Ram Trucks social media, a place to find videos, images, specs, options and Ram-branded merchandise—RamTrucks.com is not just a website, it’s a digital super-warehouse beautifully organizing all the information you could ever hope to find with regard to your favorite truck brand.

Believe it or not, RamTrucks.com is educational too. In an effort to boost what it terms “Fuel IQ,” the website devotes an entire page to truck care and driving tips, identifying several fuel-saving measures, which, if implemented properly, can help lower costs by increasing fuel efficiency.

We won’t steal thunder from RamTrucks.com by reprinting a complete list of its fuel-saving tips here. Instead, we’ll post a small sample and then encourage our readers to read the rest on the Ram Trucks Tips for Fuel Economy page. We’ll also recommend that they spend time exploring all the other features this terrific site has to offer visitors.

A small sample of fuel-saving driving tips, courtesy of RamTrucks.com:

  • Accelerate with care – There’s no way around it: Fast acceleration wastes fuel. Rapid acceleration and braking can lower your gas mileage by up to 33% on the highway and up to 5% during city driving.
  • Go with the flow – Your Ram Truck is built to haul just about anything, but if your load is taller than the top of your cab, it could interfere with aerodynamics and decrease your fuel efficiency up to 5%. Whenever possible, try to lay down your taller cargo.

To see eight more fuel-saving tips, please visit http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/fuel_economy_tips/