10 Signs You Drive a Ram Truck

Ram truck owners are in a league of their own. They’re doers — made up of reliability, dependability and strength. It takes a guts-and-glory-filled person to drive a Ram truck…here are the top 10 signs you’ve got what it takes to live the #RamLife.

  1. You have chills after every Ram Trucks TV commercial, and have perfected your “Guts. Glory. Ram.” impression.


2. Your radio stays on one station and one station only: your local country station.


3.  You’d be lost without your RamBox®.


4. You’re up for any challenge.


5. To this day, you still fight back tears during the Ram Trucks Superbowl Commercial, “Farmer”.


6. You go beyond 9-5, and only clock out when the work is done.


7. Your favorite season is “Hunting.”


8. Your paint color of choice is “mud”.


9. The word “can’t” isn’t in your vocabulary.


10. You’re the first one to stop when someone is in need.



  • Waimanalodayz1

    Where are the Ram trucks with the RAM spelled in the grill.

  • OMG! My neighbor is that guy! Hunting, mud, and country music. He has a 2011 Ram 2500 and it is his baby. You nailed it!

  • I really dont understand the post with video clips that didnt looked appropriate at all.. I mean where is the Ram ruck ..?? Can you please look at post again and describe what are you trying to say actually.. Max Vehicle Wraps or actually a Ram on truck?

  • Degoragon

    I love my old RAM, mine is a 1981 Power Ram W150